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Spring is the season of renewal. The signs are all around us. As we step out into the morning’s first sunlight, we are greeted by songs from nature’s choir, performed in perfect harmony by the chorus of birds newly home from the south.  We are delighted to see the little snowdrops popping their heads out of the ground, knowing they will be followed shortly by crocuses, daffodils and tulips. And at day’s end, the crickets’ songs dispel the sense of darkness that surrounds us. 

Open the doors and windows of your home to let the first rays of spring’s warmth in.  And open the doors of your sprit too. Breathe deeply the gentle breeze of hope and re-discover your awareness of a deep sense of inner peace, joy and tranquility. Take time to renew your personal sense of wellbeing as nature renews the world around you.

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Life is Like a Flowing River - by Nirmala Raniga

Life is like a flowing river.  When winds are calm the river moves slowly and sometimes it may even seem still. As the wind picks up or if there is some rain, the river moves fast and swift. And if there is a heavy rainfall, it flows fiercely and overflows causing severe damage. The wonder of nature is that nothing is static. There is a natural ebb and flow to creation. In the case of the river, the heavy rainfall eventually stops. The water subsides. The river banks are again exposed to the sun and the drying out process begins.

We experience our lives like a flowing river. When our needs are met, we are calm. We feel settled and are at peace. When negative emotions develop, such as feelings of resentment, grievance or hostility, we start to feel unsettled, and find ourselves agitating to get our needs met. We start losing our sense of equilibrium- our natural balance, or homeostasis. The final storm comes when we experience even deeper toxic emotions and do not know how to deal with them.  Feelings of guilt, shame, depression, fear or anxiety throw us completely off balance. Homeostasis is a self-regulating system in our brain that enables self-healing.  In nature, the river ebbs when its cycle is ready.  For humans, we need help regaining our equilibrium. We need to adopt healthy lifestyle habits to enable us to weather the storms that life sends.

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Nirmala Raniga, founder & Dr. Deepak Chopra, partner

Addicted to Alcohol? There is hope!

Alcoholism is a chronic brain disease that causes compulsive substance use despite harmful consequences.  Addiction to alcohol is insidious.  It usually starts small but for some people, grows out of control. Alcohol is a legal drug that can produce pleasant effects in smaller amounts but produces dangerous consequences when consumed in higher quantities.

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Celebration of Self Weekend

May 31 – June 2, 2013

We have designed a unique, focused opportunity that supports your mind-body spirit’s liberation from patterns that no longer serve you. This weekend is created for you to experience an inward journey to rediscover the delights and benefits of living in the present.

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Restore Your Balance - Wellness Week

If you’re experiencing the symptoms of imbalance, we invite you to come and enjoy Wellness Week to help you feel renewed and revived. Your Wellness Week experience begins on Monday morning with a welcome session where you meet the Center staff and therapists who will be working with you throughout the week.

Visit Restore Your Balance Wellness Week for more information and how to book your Wellness Week.

My time at the Chopra Wellness Center was best described as one of my most valuable vacations and I have traveled extensively. The difference with this trip was the journey I began looking inside rather than outside of myself. If I knew it would be so amazing I would have done it a lot sooner. It was the best gift I could give myself and my family. Thank you! 

- Karen A, Canada March 2013

I arrived not knowing who I was, what I wanted and with no clear sense of meaning or purpose to my life. I left Chopra Wellness Center knowing myself, loving myself, accepting myself, knowing what I want, why I want it and now my life is meaningful and purposeful again. The center gave me clarity, and empowered me to reclaim my life and my dreams. I am grateful for every therapist, support staff worker, cook and yoga instructor for their unique contribution to my health and wellbeing. Thank you all for making this transformation possible. Absolutely everyone can benefit from a visit to Chopra Wellness Center.

– Greg, Canada March 2013

Chef’s Recipes
Chef's Recipes

Coconut Curried Vegetables

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Massage Therapy  

Massage Therapy - the healing touch that is more than skin deep

Massage Therapy is an integral part of the holistic healing experience that guests at Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center receive. Individuals suffering from addictive behaviours, substance abuse issues, anxiety, eating disorders, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are usually suffering from physical pain as well. Headaches, stiff muscles and joints, back pain – even skin problems are among the side effects that accompany the many types of emotional issues our guests bring with them to the Center.

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